I currently make the dough as a VFX Production Coordinator.

VFX Production Coordinator

  • Image Engine Design (Vancouver)
  • Moving Picture Company (Vancouver)
    • Shows:
      • Maleficent (Layout)
      • Godzilla (Animation)
      • Game of Thrones S4 (Animation)
      • Guardians of the Galaxy (Animation)
      • American Sniper (Animation)
      • The Hunger Games; Mockingjay Part 1 (Animation)
      • Goosebumps (Animation)

Assistant Director

  • 1st Assistant Director
    • Wreck It Ralph in 60s, dir. Kial Natale (Short)
    • SFU Lipdub, dir. Cedric Yu (Short)
    • Mad Child "Devil's Reject", Deeply Scarred Productions (Music Video)
    • Mad Child "Runaway", Donnelly Entertainment Inc. (Music Video)
    • Moka Only "Tighten Up", Joi Productions (Music Video)
    • Sleep, dir. James Penco (Short)
    • Mister Forgettable, Point Blank Creative (Short)
    • I Did It For Love!, dir. Quinn Spicker (Short)
    • Home, dir. Athena Han (Short)
    • Afternoon at Gudrun, dir. Javier Badillo (Short)