10:42 secs, Canada - Festivals!

When 7-year-old Adelaide finds the care package of cigarettes she prepared for her father won't be delivered to him as he serves on the front lines of World War 1, she decides to embark on a fantastical adventure to take it to him herself…

Made as part of the Hot Shots Short Films contest with the loving support of many local Vancouver production/post-production sponsors.

Official Selection
Short Short Film Festival & Asia 2018
DC Shorts Film Festival 2018
Hollyshorts Film Festival 2018
Maryland International Film Festival 2018
FirstGlance Film Festival 2018
Vancouver Women in Film Festival 2018
Port Moody Film Festival 2018
Vancouver Short Film Festival 2018
Cinema on the Bayou 2018 *Honourable Mention, Best Short
South Texas Underground Film Festival 2018


Japan Times
YVR Screen Scene



Starring: Sara Canning, Matthew Maccaul, Ada Jones-Kuranko, Joel Sturrock, Chris Cope, Oliver Castillo, David, Justin Lapena, Spencer Graham and Sammy the Golden Retriever

Directed by Michelle Kee
Written by Anaïsa Visser
Produced by Jon Warne and Shane Day
Cinematography by Liam Mitchell
Production Design by Bryan Eng
Executive Produced by Paul Armstrong and Robin Chan
Edited by Michelle Kee
Sound Design by Christopher Clark
Film Score by James Danderfer